2020 Festival Cancelled

Register for the 2019 festival

Important Dates:

During the festival, the registration desk opens at 5:45 AM and remains open throughout each day.


Friday and Saturday Evening Receptions: FREE to all registrants. Please select receptions if you plan to attend, so we can count attendance!

Basic Registration $80
Choose up to 3 field trips, workshops, and presentations. Includes receptions, which don’t count among the three choices.

Full Festival Pass: $135
Unlimited presentations, workshops, and/or field trips and receptions

Student (post high school) Registration with Student ID: $35
Unlimited presentations, workshops, and/or field trips, includes receptions

Students K-12: FREE!
Unlimited presentations, workshops, and/or field trips, includes receptions

Keynote Presentation Friday evening (without festival pass): $15 TICKETS AVAILABLE AT THE DOOR

Keynote Presentation Saturday evening (without festival pass): $15 TICKETS AVAILABLE AT THE DOOR

T-shirts: $20.00
See T-shirt designs by Jeff Manker and illustrated by Ann Tobin.


Cancellations may be made until September 9, 2019. We will refund your registration fee less a $15 processing fee per registration. Sorry, no refunds after that date.

To cancel, please email the registrar or call 888-909-7829.

PLEASE let us know if you must cancel, so spaces may be made available for others.


DOWNLOAD a printable version of the registration tips!

  • Use the Event Descriptions and Program Schedule to plan your itinerary in advance. Each trip has a number to help you quickly find the trip you’re looking for during registration.
  • Register for your highest-priority trips first to have the best chance of securing them. Make sure to also plan multiple alternate choices for each trip, as many trips fill very quickly.
  • Use the “Previous” and “Next” buttons on the form, DO NOT use the back button on your browser, as you might lose your registration.
  • The system times out if it is idle for 30 minutes and your registration will be deleted. This means that if you do not take an action on a page for 30 minutes, such as clicking “Next” or “Add to Cart,” your registration will be deleted.
  • Payments are processed through PayPal but you do not need a PayPal account to pay.
  • There is no password for this system. This means that you cannot re-enter your registration once it is submitted. Email the Registrar or call 888-909-7829 to make changes to your registration.


Step 1. Enter your basic information. Then, select how many additional people are registering (up to 3 in addition to yourself); enter their basic information. (If you register as a group, you must pay with a single credit card).

Step 2. On the next screen, select a day and then an event on that day.
Select (check) all the people in your group who want to go on that event–their names appear with check boxes on the right-hand side of the page.
Click Register/Add to Cart.

The registration summary will appear at the bottom of the page.

IMPORTANT: Pay close attention to the message for each attendee after clicking Register/Add to Cart. If the event is full, there will be a red error message and the trip will not be added to your registration summary at the bottom of the screen.

Continue on this screen to select events on each day for each person. You must click Register/Add to Cart for each new event before going on to the next event. An updated summary of your registrations appears at the bottom of the page each time you click Register/Add to cart.

Step 3. After you have made your event selections, they are held for you until you complete the payment process. Take time to verify the event selections of each person in your group. Remember to use the Previous button at the bottom of the page if you need to go back and make a change! Fill in your contact information, and the contact information for the rest of your party.

Step 4. Fill in your payment details. Payments are processed through PayPal but you do not need a PayPal account to pay for the registration. If you prefer to use a credit card, when you arrive at the PayPal payment screen, simply click the gray box at the bottom of the screen that says “Pay with Debit or Credit Card.”


After registering, you will be sent a confirmation email. The confirmation will include a link for you to review your itinerary. Please check your junk mail or spam folders if you do not see an email right away. If there is a problem with your registration, please email the Registrar or call 888-909-7829.

A second confirmation email will be sent as soon as your payment clears.


On opening day, if you are open ahead of time, REFRESH your screen at 8 a.m. July 6. For Windows users this is CTRL + F5 (F5 button at top of keyboard). For MAC users this is APPLE + R or COMMAND + R.

If you encounter an Error dialog box*, it is most likely because of a navigation error. Follow the dialog directions.